Ewok Artist Profile

He has been creating art in one form or another since he was 3 years old, or as long as he can remember. Throughout his early years and basically his whole life, art has been the main thing he was interested in as a career/hobby/lifestyle. Ewok began doing graffiti seriously in 1991, when he moved to Minneapolis. Around this time, the local graffiti scene was beginning to take shape. Many of his experiences and influences from these early days have helped him to form his current style and approach. He was one of the co-founders of Life Sucks Die Magazine around 1995. Through on-the-job training, he began to learn basic elements of graphic design and layout. During this time, he also began freelancing, doing album covers, skateboard art and helped form Burlesque Design Studios. In 2005 he moved to Costa Mesa California, where he lives now, and began working fulltime for RVCA Clothing.

"Painting" by Ewok
Ewok regularly contributes editorials to a popular Internet blog called 'Lords of Apathy.' He have been involved in art shows and graffiti exhibitions throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Tokyo, Taipei, Barcelona, Auckland, Mexico City, Puerto Rico and Korea. Other art/ professional affiliations include: The Seventh Letter Crew AWR/ MSK Heavy Metal

Series 2: Painting

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